„MUM’s work is infused with a lovely, energetic edge. Granted, there are some downtempo moments, but even these more relaxed tracks have a trippy, at times psychedelic edge. Are Jungmair and Schneider Vienna’s best kept secret.“ DJ

„Excellent fusion of organic and hi-tech sounds both caresses the ears and shakes the hips.“ iDJ

„Their follow-up `The Szabotnik 15 Mission` is equally aimed at the dance floor but is more complex, stretching their interpretation of the groove to uniquely engaging effect. The pair’s punk roots surface in a healthy disregard for rules, so here are breakbeat-driven spy movie themes, acid house-toned blues, big beat-stoked funk, rai-infected hip-hop and scat-guided soul, all delivered with effortless cool and élan.“ Times

„A warm and addictively groovecious exercise in late-night, rug-cutting cool which corrals the wilder funk beast into an electro-minimalist framework, making a moody, near perfect mix of the organic and mechanic. Breakbeats clatter and snap throughout and tracks may pulse with elastic double bass but they’re unified by the righteous demands of the groove. MUM is, indisputably, one mutha of a fine and funky record.“
Time Out

„Excellent tribal jazz and funky breakbeats that are low on subtlety and high on retro Hammond organs.“ Jockey Slut

„`Caught Like A Trout‘ is what big beat would sound if its heroes were less Schoolly D and more Quincy Jones – daft funk that’s killer fun.“ Muzik

„Progressive, funky and unique, MUM join the international beats scene right at the front of the queue.“Ahead

„Something for the house, breaks, jazz and abstract beat heads alike!“ Tomas Palermo / XLR8R

„A tour-de-force of funkified electro courtesy of an Austrian duo whose music would get even Europe’s sternest strutting. Propeller beats and subtle, infectious grooves come together in a beatific delight.“ The Face

„Mummer legen mit „SoulOrganismState“ ein vokallastiges Album zwischen Soul, loungigem Funk und Jazzz-Bässen sowie Lifestyle-Eletronik vor, das wesentlich durchmischter klingt, als es die Summe der genannten Genres erahnen liese.“ derStandard, 09/06

 „Mum war schon eine verdammt gute Band. Mummer ist – eben noch mehr! Verdammt lässige Scheibe!“  Kurier. 09/06

Mummer interview, please click here.