Stefan Jungmair:


  • composes film scores for motion picture and tv, signations, jingles and sound logos for media, that benefit from a wide range of musical means of expression
  • additionally writes original music and arrangements for a multitude of instrumentations and ensemble sizes: from string quartet to symphonic orchestrations, from jazz quartet to big band. Examples can be found here
  • for references on film music see: Der Fall Wilhelm Reich, Die Werkstürmer, Der Vampir auf der Couch, Aufschneider, Wie man leben sollTwinni, or click here
  • cds: mummer/soulorganismstate, mum/mum, mum/the szabotnik 15 mission, deepend/aussee
  • tv-signations and jingles: ORF Club 2, ORF Feierabend, ORF Kreuz&Quer, ORF Kinder, BMW, DM, Drei, Easybank, Coca Cola, Die Grünen, Nokia, T-Mobile, WU-Wien, Nintendo, Herold, AON, A1, Leiner, Wienerberger, Forstinger, OEBB, Porsche, Baumax, Red Zak, William Hill, etc.
  • remixes for: Sofasurfers, Dzihan und Kamien, Planet E, Heinz aus Wien et al.
  • compilations: „The Eclectic Sound Of Vienna I+II“, FM4 Soundsel. 4, „Sincereley Yours“, „Homegrown-Loft Edition“, „Rare Trax“, „Delicious Tunes“ etc.


  • founded and led a number of ensembles, different in size and musical style.
  • ranging from classical to jazz, from rock to electronic music
  • recordings you might be interested to hear: Mummer/Soulorganismstate, Mum/Mum, Mum/The Szabotnik 15 Mission, Deepend/Aussee
  • as an active musician he participated in bigbands and symphony orchestras, in classical ensembles, jazz quartetts and electronic dance projects
  • collaborations with Kim Fowley, Jasper Van´t Hof, Mathias Rüegg, Ines Reiger, Alexander Machacek, Milan Polak, Louie Austen et al.


  • was nominated „Amadeus Fm4 Alternative Award“ for Mummer/Soulorganismstate and
  • „Österreichische Filmpreis, best music“ for „Der Fall Wilhelm Reich“


  • was granted twice support of the SKE Fonds Austria for his work (Deepend, Mummer)


  • was honored in “Personale Verleihung Wiener Filmmusik Preis 2016”, together with his brother Bernd Jungmair


  • passes on his knowledge periodically in advanced training courses for musicians, music teachers and music students. Please contact for details
  • he also teaches regularly at the Musikschule Wien


  • writes texts on music education and musical theory as well as
  • organizes community-wide cooperation of music-educators

For further interest in his musical upbringing and career please read this text.